Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

secreet admire -__-

I do not know what to keep that feeling in my heart, I like you when I've voted for himwhy all this came when I already have someone special in my bondsI knew from the beginning you love himyou loved him, I'm just new people in your lifecould only see you from far awaysmiling to me but I know you scared me when again admonish with him.
I also know you've got a girlfriend, maybe it is true I was just a fan who idolized artist. but I want you to know that I'm feeling I'm sincere in my deepest heartI just want you!
I do not know when karma will come to me because it seems I was born just to hurt themget them involved in a matter in my life 
I love youI want you there for me and you can care about my lifebut I realize who I amand who you are, too short for the thoughts I just want to get you .

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