Senin, 05 September 2011

meaning of love , i think !

I know that love hurts, I know it's hard to love sincerely and I know it takes to form an extraordinary sacrifice. 
and I know my past experience taught me enough about the meaning of love, but gradually it so difficult for me to love. 
but there is a saying "if you want to be loved, try to love others with your heart" 
My trauma is not a problem in the past but to start something that I think the result will be in vain, why should I love? 
what true love is eternal it is there to be created? love that did come to understand each other and understand each other. 
I also do not know the truth, but for sure now I was more trying to love, though I know it's hard to believe I could about the presence of love. 
I went through it like water flowing, there are no rights and obligations which I put as a limitation, which is important I have tried to open my heart to anyone who knocked. 
I'm sorry, if that many people are harmed because of the love I have, but I never had any intention for that. I'm just like any other woman who learns to love again. 
I'm not an expert in love or dating, but I quite know what limits to me like a woman. 
I just wanted to love someone who loves me as I am, because I think a sincere love will produce a good relationship, although it returned to us each. 
are important now, it's how you react to it. because not all love can destroy a life but also that not all love can give happiness to everyone who felt.
adult men and women who could take the love they have deserved to be maintained, but do not be afraid to start loving you, because someday you definitely feel the love itself, and allow time to answer all the things in your life ,because these are all limited to the scenario that God gives to our lives, and it is up to us to sort it, and believe it is "God knows best for his people"

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