Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012


Dear my beloved friends..
This is a day of many days since we're away. I don't know exactly when. Honestly write like this will just make my heart more and more fragile. I know every meeting that there might be seperation. I know there must be losing any of togetherness. Maybe it was all my fault. I've that makes us much. I make our relationship stiff. Give me acrack on you to vote for her, chose her as the first place you pour out you thoughts. I know it. And if you know, not just pain but my tears came out when I need to beconfronted you. When I got to see the smile that usually wrap my mind has now become the property of others. It's hard for me. I wanted to run it. I felt anxious eyes pierced me to the view that I can't see. Maybe I do look exaggerated. Maybe I do look selfist. Maybe I do look stupid. But I wanted to hug you and tell you that I don't want to lose you. I love you like I love my siblings. I try not to care. To let my heart find another loophole, but I couldn't. I can't deny my heart that I actually care about. I still care for every thing you do. I miss when you kiss me every morning. I miss when we walk together. I miss when we're able to solve every problem. I MISS SO MUCH. Until I don't know what do to make you have graced my life again.

Jambi, 26 Mei 2012


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