Sabtu, 19 November 2011

somethings that made me confused

there are some things that made me confused about my life in these last few days:
~ I love you, but I can not stand when she approached him. I know it's not my concern, because I had also already has a boyfriend who loved me and I did the same with my boyfriend.
~ I have goals and ideals but in my opinion, I do not have a big enough effort for it. Maybe it's true what they say to me "if I could only dream of".
~ My mother was hoping once I get into the University that he wanted, but a lot of things that make me hesitate to follow the will of my mother.
~ I'm selfish, I think too much about my interests, I do not ever want to know how people feel when I talk, they always bring the family background and equate me with my attitude.
~ Mom, Dad I wish I could drive a car, the car will not I use for my brag, but I do need to drive a car to help the work you guys, I'm sorry for you guys who have to take my pick wherever I go.
~ My life is too complicated, too many lies and false sincere soul accompanies my life.
~ 2 more weeks I will give the most beautiful gift for the person I love most and I do not want any single thing that could ruin me

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