Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

This is only a matter of time

 "This is my choice. I understand that every choice has always risk, and inevitably I have to face that risk. I have to be stronger than existing risks."
 I always say that, don't you? I seemed to be tough with all that happened. I like happy and enjoy this situation. But this time, I wasn't able to continue to lie, I felt lost. I miss. I wish we were used to. This time, I didn't really strong enough to be alone, because I still need to, because I already love. I already gave all my heart to the people who actually choose to go.  This should be a valuable lesson for me that I really shouldn't be so in love beings, gods and I also shouldn't have to feel divine beings as a whole. Because basically we all just entrusted Him, is not it?
 For the umpteenth time I said, I really love you, I hope that one day "we will actually be met by the Lord in the ties that promises to us."

 IReallyLoveYou,Mr.Pinguin :*

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