Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

it's about my feelings to him

I know maybe it was me who exaggerate what I feel now, yes it can be said frontal, but I was too afraid to say that I also have a sense of it and maybe it was just me who does not know how to express affection that I have, yes I'm confused with myself I am, I'm confused should like what?
I'm just scared, yes I'm afraid for the hurt again if I have to give up love men, I made ​​oneI'm afraid if I had played by the time back, I could not have destroyed lives and fix one byone again, yes I CAN NOT! but until when I must assume that all the same guy? and until when I had to find the love that is truly me and he loved each other.
if I had to choose to accept you, to let go into the life of me, I just want you to promise to always love me and be loyal to me? that's it! I could not you have to turn into someone else to get my heart, be yourself, yourself can you be proud of your self as well.
I like this? not because I did not respond, a friend, but because I want to see your sincerity, I want to see how much affection you have for me, I do not mean to trick, I do not intend to give any false hope.
I just want you to understand my heart , and spritual birth that is in me , maybe you're confused by the word UNDERSTAND ? Why? because actually you do not understand me completely, you just love but you do not know how to love. I'm not like those who can trade in a sense of affection and love me for someone .I'm not like them that is easy to fall in love and say "i love you" , I'm not like those who wishes to approach within days . I did not mean  to elevate my self , not my intention to tell me true , but for the umpteenth time I say my love is not the right choice, even had to prepare mentally to face the strange attitude and gilaku , yes I'm aware of that ! but you should also realize the reason I am what and why ? do you know how to treat me? do you know how to love me?do you know how to just ask my news ? do you know how to spoil me even if only a flash ? WILL YOU KNOW WHAT THAT THING ?
  what do you understand what i like ? 
What do you understand what I want? what do you understand what my hobbies ? what do you understand how my family ? what do you understand what's happening in my life then and know ? NOT ! because you just want to pick me without having to understand what is inside me. I want you to ask how do I come home from school? with whom I come home? what I've eaten? where are you going out of this? I know this is trivial but for my only minor concern was that I could make sure that unlike other
I'm rude, it does not mean want you out of my life, it does not mean I do not like you, but because I do not know how the proper way to make sure my feelings.
maybe you're a little confused with myself right now, maybe I'm weird girl who never met you but this is all I do because I do not want to repeat my murky past, my past is painful.
hello boy, I love you! I just wanted the courage to simply express your love to me, that's all I want, that's all I'm waiting!
please do not make me more and waited for the feeling that increasingly makes me confused about how to disclose it, do not make me regret ever likes you and wants you become part of me.

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